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Real Channel Enablement

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We looked across the marketplace for an existing tool that would give our partners access to content, opportunities, and reports that was easy to navigate, operate, and leverage. It was a bit frustrating. Rather than give up, we designed and built a game changing solution. You’re welcome.

Introducing Nexus, the central connection point for our Channel and OEM Partners.

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Knowledge is power. Nexus provides the information every organization needs to message, demo, and inform their customers RockITek’s Preemptive Cybersecurity and Image Intelligence Portfolios. Nexus includes detailed information on our portfolios, their use cases, and solutions to customer problems.

Just as importantly, it provides the information to empower the channel. Nexus content is easily searchable and allows users to flag favorite artifacts and make requests for customer-targeted changes to specific artifacts.

Nexus contains an ever-growing library of content:

  • RockITek-developed and OEM Content with suggested messaging
  • OEM Playbooks
  • Sales Training Pathways
  • Demos
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Opportunity Management

Nexus delivers end-to-end opportunity management:

  • Quote requests
  • Deal registration and approvals
  • PO submissions
  • Invoice submissions
  • Pipeline reporting

We designed Nexus for business development, account executives, finance team, and sales managers based on domain name registrations. The dashboard gives each user quick access to their pipeline of opportunities and sales managers views into their team. The dashboard and sales reporting give manufacturers views into the pipeline at their fingertip.


RockITek is committed to meeting all federal guidelines for supply chain security. Nexus is a secured tool that is limited to those users approved for access.

Nexus will be made available to any RockITek partner with a signed agreement. Many of our partners require specific terms and conditions be agreed to before a Reseller may sell their products.


Nexus integrates with our business systems for near-real time reporting. Upcoming capabilities include the ability to:

  • Pay invoices
  • Track inventory
  • Automated reports directly into OEM CRM tools

We will continue to build out features and capabilities, so stay tuned. The next module we are working on is the webstore for instantly purchasing exactly what your customers need. On deck include customer portals for them to track their subscription contracts and products.

Wish your organization had its own Nexus?