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Proven more accurate than anything on the market today.
Don’t believe us. Let us prove it.

Photon is a revolutionary reverse image search solution developed by 1st1 Technologies and powered by their proprietary algorithm, DejaVuAI®, that allows rapid searching 1:N, N:1, or M:N, regardless of image adjustments. It automatically identifies scale and rotation of the matched images, providing immediate image registration.

Photon efficiently indexes and processes images on the fly, adding and removing images from datasets without the need to retrain in a machine-learning model. Photon is faster than any SIFT or AI/ML tool and more accurate than any solution available in today’s market. Saving you time, compute power, money, and frustration.

Photon finds any image regardless of it being cropped, recolored, warped, used in fake news, mashed up with other images, zoomed in, made fuzzy... you name it, Photon finds it.

Flavors of Photon

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Photon Online | for individual users searching online images at standard quality

Photon Online is a subscription service that provides users standard quality rating searching and is the perfect solution for managing their own portfolio of images. Easily upload your images (e.g., artwork, photograph, map) for daily searching against known sites.

Photon On Prem | Personal Perpetual or Subscription | for searching a user’s library of images and for more quality options

Photon On Prem Personal Edition is smaller than 90MB and can easily be loaded on low SWAP processing units. The faster the CPU and the more RAM and cache you throw at it, the faster it returns results.

Photon is powered by the DejaVuAI® algorithm, which has an exceptionally small footprint. Meaning, images can be processed for highly accurate 1:n, n:1, or m:n image matching and requires less compute power.

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Photon On Prem | Enterprise Subscription | for searching an organization’s database(s) of images and for more highest quality search options

Photon On Prem Enterprise Edition is the perfect solution for any organization with multiple users searching images across a vast set of images—both still and video—typically at hi def and 4K resolutions across large cluster/VM environments. Enterprise Edition also includes advanced scanning, reporting, and notification capabilities.

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DejaVuAI® Algorithm | Integration Solutions | for developers

We know what you’re thinking. “I need that algorithm!” We have an option for that, too.

Want to integrate the DejaVuAI® into an existing tool or system? Have an idea for a new solution leveraging the DejaVuAI® algorithm?

The Many Uses of Photon

We’ve identified 1,000s of use cases for DejaVuAI® and Photon across a wide range of industries and applications. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but only by a little.

IFF | target ID | navigation (without GPS) | inventory management | investigations | inspections | Photographers with large libraries | Individual Artists | Marketing Departments | Licensed Artwork | Registered Trademarks | battling image or likeness theft | Digital Asset Management (cataloging) | Similarity Sequences | PII (image) exploitation / use | healthcare imaging comparison | Product Identification for PoS and Inventory | Reference Image Management for inventory | base and border security | UAV geo positioning | satellite analysis | information gathering of potential enemies | obtaining reliable information to assist unit organization | identifying friendly units in combat | emergency/hostage rescue | reconnaissance missions | threat detection | film/video continuity | film/video product placement To name a few.