Cybercriminals are targeting you, your organization, your users, and your data.

What if you could PrevenIT?

Across the board organizations are struggling to manage cyber risk. 

Cybersecurity is one of the preeminent threats to organizations worldwide

Big or small and across all organization types—manufacturing, agriculture, finance, biotech, energy, healthcare, government—your data could be up for grabs or maybe they just want to hold up your operations with Ransomware. Everyone knows they need to be vigilant, but how? What’s enough? And can you afford it?

One of the most alarming findings from the Cybersecurity Insiders study is that many organizations don’t recognize the full scope of financial impact cyber attacks can have, which averages around $133,000 (for all types of attacks across 2020) per cyber attack.

We’ve heard from small businesses that rely on the password provided by their internet provider for protection. Yeah, we were shocked too.

And cyber crime costs growing 15% annually over the last 5 years as threat actors continue to become more sophisticated—from deploying social engineering attacks like phishing emails to scanning through data stores like social media accounts on the Internet to gather details on corporate environments.

No matter who you are, or what industry you’re in, YOU’RE A TARGET!

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So how can you PrevenIT?

By understanding what the bad actors are planning against you and your systems.
By using accurate intelligence to predict potential threats targeted against your organization.
And by automating threat informed response capabilities to prevent potential threats.

Intrigued? We can help.

Wish you had an early warning solution against cyber attacks?

RockITek built a cloud-native cybersecurity early warning solution that ALL organizations, big or small, have been missing.  We built PrevenIT on the enterprise capabilities from our partners, SecLytics and Intel471. Their individual approach to cyber threat PREDICTED attacks like Solarwinds and Colonial Pipeline were presented to their customers years before they made headlines. We’ve taken these truly remarkable enterprise capabilities and have made them available and affordable for all business types.

With groundbreaking predictive threat information at 97% accuracy and automated BLOCKING, PrevenIT creates threat lists and rules to proactively defend your organization.

RockITek has developed a 100% serverless, cloud-native approach to accelerate the impact of our partners’ emerging technologies. With PrevenIT, this approach removes the operational burden from security teams by providing a simplified deployment experience with dashboards for configuration, monitoring, and acting on events in your AWS accounts that:

  • are easy to understand, use, and deploy;
  • require no technical skills;
  • have no operational costs to manage or maintain; and
  • helps you organize and act upon diversified threat data.

More importantly, PrevenIT reduces blind spots. We think you’ll agree, these capabilities are critical for SMB and SME organizations, who need enterprise-level capabilities but often have limited budgets and lack access to the necessary highly-skilled resources.

Whether you’re a SMB or a full-scale Enterprise, stop reacting and start preventing with RockITek’s PrevenIT.

RockITek built PrevenIT on the exceptional capabilities at the heart of the enterprise-level threat intelligence solutions from our partners, SecLytics and Intel 471.

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RockITek accelerates the impact of emerging technologies. Understanding the transformative power of innovative approaches to traditional cybersecurity, we are rewriting the rules for protecting your organization. RockITLabs focus on finding cost-effective ways to bring enterprise solutions to all organizational types and sizes and at the same time making adversaries irrelevant. As a value-added distributor, we provide white glove services to both up-and-coming and commercially-established manufacturers. RockITek’s Preemptive Cybersecurity and Image Intelligence portfolios consist entirely of transformational solutions that rapidly meet mission goals and address high priority issues.

For PrevenIT, RockITek collaborated with our partners Intel 471 and SecLytics, who specialize in preemptive cybersecurity via proactive threat intelligence and automated blocking.

Every week, the threats you face get more serious, and the solutions you’re being pitched get more complicated. SecLytic’s Augur patent-pending technology provides the advanced coverage an organization needs (who specifically targets them) in under 72 hours without adding noise and complexity

To protect against cyber threats, security organizations typically release signatures after a campaign has already been launched or a threat URL has been detected. This may include blocking IP addresses, domain names, or devising regular expression patterns for a URL. The problem with this approach is that it is always reactive. One must wait until the cyber threat has been launched before detection can be implemented. With SecLytics, customers get in front of the threats, on average 51 days in advance with 97% accuracy!

SecLytics uses advanced behavioral profiling and advanced machine learning to power Augur, the only Predictive Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) on the market. While most TIPs focus on identifying current threats and alerting your security team, Augur has already predicted these threats and adjusted your security posture to block attacks before they ever get to your network.

Augur continually builds and monitors a pool of more than 10,000 adversary profiles. Plus, it identifies new adversaries almost daily. Continuous surveillance means we know when they go live on Day Zero, leveling the playing field by removing the element of surprise. Adversary profiles also mean we can cover a much broader spectrum of potential threats from the same actor, as opposed to most TIPs which simply alert you of a specific threat when it’s already knocking at your network door. Augur associates these threat profiles with known APT groups and maps out all infrastructure owned by these threat profiles.

The Augur engine hunts adversaries in the wild during the setup stage, generating attack predictions on average 51+ days before they strike. Oh, and those predictions are proven to be more than 97% accurate and generating fewer than 0.01% false positives.

intel 471 All organizations today are faced with a plethora of threats, including insiders, data/IP leakage, fraud, compromised infrastructure, compromised credentials, malware infections, and phishing.

Intel 471’s Titan is their intuitive intelligence platform for a complete and near-real-time view into the cybercriminal marketplace and the threat actors that operate within it – what they are saying, what they are selling, who they are targeting, and who they have compromised. It’s programmable API powers numerous connectors and integrations to easily operationalize the intelligence for your security operations.

Titan is heavily focused on providing structured technical and non-technical data and intelligence that is all mapped to Intel 471’s industry-leading intelligence requirements program. This enables rich functionality to include searching, routing, alerting, pivoting, monitoring, and mining of information related to cyber threats, threat actors, malware activity, vulnerabilities, and compromised credentials.

In addition to the Titan web portal and API, Intel 471 Intelligence is accessible via out of the box integrations, including the leading TIPs, orchestration platforms, link analysis tools, and security tooling such as SIEMs. Our Intelligence products enable proactive security teams with industry leading Adversary, Credential, Malware, Threat, and Vulnerability Intelligence. Moreover, our clients can leverage our Request for Information (RFI) process to get answers to key questions.

  • Industry Leading Intelligence. Automated, human intelligence collection and finished intelligence reporting from cybercriminal forums, marketplaces, chat rooms and online engagements.
  • Reduction of Risk. An industry leading intelligence requirements program that enables organizations to map intelligence collection and outputs to business drivers and risk reduction.
  • Real-time Malware Tracking. Automated and technical tracking of malware including IOCs, TTPs, YARA, IDS signatures and technical intelligence reports.
  • Vulnerability and Credential Intelligence. Vulnerability intelligence to drive your patching priorities and compromised credentials of your employees, VIPs and customers.

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