The Evolution of Technology

Transforming The Universe

Many moons ago, John had an idea. Operations, ever eager to please, attempted to make it happen. Many COTS solutions were considered, but there wasn’t a single tool that checked all the boxes. As we all know, multiple disparate tools lead to hit-or-miss adoption and confusion. Plus, we’re never satisfied with good enough, or living with “it”. A few tense meetings later, we threw our hands up and just built the darn thing ourselves. We’ll be launching Nexus early 2022.

Feeling empowered to transform the world, we decided to solve a few more challenges while we were at it.

Thus, the RockITverse was born.

Just as our universe continues to expand, so to the RockITverse. Our Visioneers are currently hard at work designing and building cloud-based products.

So, visit often or sign up for our newsletter. You never know what problem we’ll solve next.