Accelerating the adoption of emerging technology

RockITek offers white glove distribution services to both up-and-coming and commercially established manufacturers with emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Enable manufacturers with innovative approaches to accelerate adoption of their emerging technologies, leapfrogging traditional solutions in the marketplace.

RockITek offers a consultative approach tailored to each partner’s needs, whether you are looking to establish and grow a successful government vertical, launch a new technology, or develop go-to-market strategies to expand into the cloud marketplace.

value added distributor framework

Our Value-added Distributor Framework provides the capabilities, functions, expert resources, and guidance necessary to accelerate the adoption of our partner’s technologies.

RockITek builds consortiums, designs creative partnering models, and offers shared resource models that benefit both startups and fully-developed commercial organizations breaking into government.

Because no two companies are the same, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our partners.

Vital: We offer vital distribution services – sales support, contract management – for organizations that need minimal support to augment their existing in-house government vertical.

Essential: We provide essential distribution services – opportunity management, VAR & SI partnerships, credit terms, tailored content, inbound marketing, sales & business strategy – to organizations with small or new government verticals and commercially successful solutions looking for a collaborative partner.

Advanced: We complement the sales and engineering capabilities of our OEM partners with advanced support – warehousing & logistics, automated RFQ searches, OTAs, presales engineering, proposals, MDF programs, artifact development – for organizations with limited internal resources.

Transformative: Our Visioneers provide transformative approaches – solution integration, service delivery, cloud marketplace solutions, outbound marketing, go-to-market strategies – to organizations who want to expand beyond their existing boundaries.

differentiated portfolios

Creating Extraordinary Outcomes with Differentiated Portfolios

Customers want your cutting-edge technology to solve current and future business challenges. RockITek’s Preemptive Cybersecurity and Image Intelligence portfolios consist entirely of transformational solutions that rapidly meet mission goals and address high priority issues. Our experts align portfolio capabilities with market driven decision criteria and map capabilities to real world issues.

At RockITek, we build and manage non-competing, diversified portfolios of emerging technologies.

Our Preemptive Cybersecurity Portfolio focuses on innovative cybersecurity technologies that enhance the organizational security by prioritizing early protection, detection, and response.

Our Image Intelligence Portfolio focuses on next-generation visual solutions that rapidly provide the intelligence users need to change the game.

focused support

Government Focused Support

Because selling to the Government is unique, it requires expertise in those nuances to be successful. Building this internally is expensive, time consuming, and often results in pressure to grow revenue before market readiness.

The U.S. Government is the world’s largest customer, spending more than $100B in information technology a year. Accessing even a small piece of that pie requires successfully navigating a landscape of contract vehicles, regulations, policies, and processes that are almost as foreign as their lingo and acronym-filled language.

Think of RockITek as your Government tour guide. We take what you do commercially and augment your approach to the Government procurement landscape. We may lay the foundation with contracts, tweak messaging, write a proposal, do quotes, or help with sales strategy and business development. Each of our partnerships is unique.